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DIALOGUES 16, Brand Testimonials

Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Ashok Gangar - Head Sales & Marketing

It was a sheer delight for us to be on board at ‘Dialogues 2016' and I thank you for providing us with a new platform of interaction with the best minds in the field of design and architecture.We have indeed received some valuable insights on what the new-age constructions business and its further evolution and more importantly some inputs in terms of what kind of products the fraternity expects.While Anchor has been at the helm of this innovation process in terms of manufacturing electrical products catering to consumer aspirations across the Indian Socio-economic spectrum,‘Dialogues' has certainly shown a new road for the business .Architect Norman Foster said,‘Architecture is an expression of values'.While the value systems keep evolving and reshaping themselves every passing day, the expression changes too.‘Dialogues’ became one of those special avenues for us where we learnt about architecture not just as a professionism or edetail but also its value systems,the changes and challenges and the emerging trends as well. It indeed formed a synergy of design thoughts from the best minds of India and the world and would certainly evolve further at as a robust knowledge exchange platform.I am humbled to be part of this special conclave that was organized by you by inviting our brand on the table and would like to extend my congratulations for its success. Looking forward to keeping the ‘Dialogues' on.....!


Himanshu Shah - Managing Director

Krishika Shah - Business Head

Murari Gandhi - Partner

The experience at Dialogues 16 is great. It is a very good concept. It is a great opportunity to have this kind of an interaction between the top architects and the suppliers. It is a great platform for us to begin with. To be able to have this kind of quality interaction is the highlight of the event. It has done really well for us.

Geeta Aluminium

Krishnakumar Bajaj - Managing Director

Geeta Alsysco

Kushal Bajaj - Director

Atin Thacker - Sales Director

The venue is phenomenal, it is one of a lifetime experience to be here and considering this event has been executed in such a way ,it is just an experience and privilege to be here. And definitely there are many learning and taking back points to the company we come from .We represent a 50 years lineage , with the taking back points from Dialogues 16, we can add another 50 years to it. The way it is been executed & the team of Dialogues has put in such efforts, there is no going back from here.

Grescasa Ceramic Pvt.Ltd.

Agrim Agarwal - Director

Dialogues 16 is fantastic. It is very unique and first of its kind experience in India so far, I have never seen something like this in our country. I think it is a great initiative for Sanjay Puri to have supported & designed which is a direct interaction between the main suppliers, product innovators and Architects to do justice to us. Thus it has been a fantastic experience!!

GM Modular Pvt.Ltd.

Manoj Dalal - Head Sales & Marketing

Dialogues 16 has launched a new concept and definitely supported all our product categories represented by the company.

H & R Johnson

Chandrashekhar - Head Sales

Dialogues 16 has established a wonderful interphase between Architects who specify our products, understand a company which is doing innovative products, they are the right people who can really understand the kind of energy and investments we are doing to get products that truly represent the lifestyle of the customer. Dialogues 16 has done a phenomenally good job to bring us all to a platform where we can exchange experiences, we may be able to develop new products, new strategies. It has been a whole new experience across the spectrum. I must say Dialogues 16 has created a fantastic event, I could not believe that it is their maiden show. The team of Dialogues have done phenomenally a hard job, night & day they have worked hard to see that such an offbeat but a beautiful location like theTajFalaknuma Palace which is so remote from the city and bringing their team, having all the energy and enthusiasm to carry it forward till the last day and still at their job as we speak. Last but not the least I compliment Ar. Sanjay Puri& his Associates who have taken this event to a level next and organized withArchitects doing projects within and outside the country. It’s a pride that our Indian Architects are touching various parts of the world and doing public buildings across the world. I think Make in India is not only in the product making category but also in the Creative field. I have been in this industry for 35 years and this is really exciting!!

H & R Johnson

Vishal Sharma

The experience at the show has been very unique, the space allowed us to spend time with the Architects which we usually don’t get, so this is a great platform. I have never witnessed something like this in my life. We look forward to participate in times to come and leverage this opportunity.


Rishikesh Agarwal - Managing Partner

Devansh Agarwal - Managing Partner

We interacted with many architects, had an excellent session with each. They have been very courteous to all the product companies, Dialogues 16 is an event we could say, in terms of delivery it has delivered exactly what we expected it would. We are very happy to be a part of it.

RR Group

Shreegopal Kabra - Managing Director

Rajesh Kabra - Director

Balachandran Dharman - Director

The experience at Dialogues 16 has been spectacular. It is very rare that we have this kind of a close interaction with Top Leading & Eminent Professionals in this Industry sharing their thoughts and experiences with us over a period of two days, also getting to know about our products in an informal ambience. This helps us to explain what our products could deliver to them and also understand their concerns with regards to solutions we could provide. So overall it has been wonderful. We would like to thank all the participants of Dialogues 16 & the Team that has put this together to enable us to have this kind of a fulfilling experience.


Bharat Aghara - Managing Director

We like Dialogues 16 very much. We got to learn a lot from the event since the architects have come from different parts of India, we realized their vision and scope of innovation with the products. Thus we want to introduce a new range as per their vision. Especially I thank Ar. Sanjay Puri to have done a fantastic job because in this Industry there is such a gap between the Architects & the Manufacturers, hence this is a very comfortable platform to introduce our products. I am really happy with Dialogues 16.

Sources Unlimited - Lighting Division

Nikunj Shah - Promoter

It was amazing, I could connect with the Architects, my passion towards lighting was very successful because of this connect. It was extremely useful, trust me !!

Sources Unlimited

Kunj Shah & Falgun Shroff - Promoters

It is a great experience, a good platform to interact with the Architects and good to be here. I am so honored. Wish we would have many more Dialogues in future. It has been a great event for us. It has benefited us to meet them at the event when they are at peace rather than at their offices, they are always tied up because of another schedule in place. We should thank Ar. Sanjay Puri,. We are looking forward to associate again, waiting for the next Dialogues!!

Stonex India

Saurav Agarwal - Director

We enjoyed a lot, we met the Architects Fraternity. It was a good experience, we explained the product to the Architects brilliantly, we got a meeting slot of 20-25 minutes with each of them, normally with this profile of Architects wherever we meet like at exhibitions and all, a very quick session of interaction is there for about 3-5 mins because the Architects are always in a hurry. At the platform of Dialogues , we could meet them for about half an hour as a fixed meeting slot which enabled us to explain our products well. Also when we are here at the venue for 3 days, we got a lot of moments to interact and bond with them over breakfast/lunch/dinner. So it was a fantastic experience altogether.

Stonex India

Vikas Agarwal - Director

Dialogues 16 was really good. You don’t time to get this kind of a personalized feeling with the Architects the way you got an opportunity at Dialogues. You get to spend time with them, have a drink, dine & lunch, party etc. This is the best part of Dialogues. I am waiting for the 2nd edition of Dialogues.

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