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DIALOGUES 16, Architect Testimonials

Sourabh Gupta - Principal

Archohm Consults

Dialogues 16 was beautiful. It was great to get us all out of the comfort zone and then make us comfortable with each other here. We discussed and seen each other’s work. I think it was beautiful. I always said to all the vendors, we need them as much as they need us and it is so nice to be able to spend this one to one interaction with them and understand the products. I think it is a great idea. Very well executed!!

C.S. Raghuram - Director

CRN Architects

I think Dialogues 16 was excellent. I must really commend the organizers because we know what is involved in putting an event together. I especially like the fact that it was kind of a diverse experience like we had a keynote address, we had presentations by architects and we had interactions with the vendors. It was not just one particular thing and ofcourse in the evenings we had a lot of fun. The venue was excellent as well. Normally people start in a very modest way and then expand. I think you guys have started with a bang and set the bar very high. I have attended a lot of conferences & events and definitely Dialogues 16 has a difference. It is definitely different, distinct from what I have been to before both nationally & internationally, . To that extent I would commend the organizers for it. This platform could be used to get architects together more exclusively to talk about different issues of the profession, to talk about what challenges we are facing, perhaps new direction we should pursue as a collective fraternity. Definitely this is a good place where we can see the lastest products the companies are bringing out , things that we are going to see coming in the next 3 or 6 months . So it keeps us a little ahead of the curve. That way it is very useful. I look forward to the future editions of Dialogues!!

Yatin Patel - Partner

DSP Design Associates

Dialogues 16 is brilliant. I don’t know what suggestion I should give! To maintain such high standards each time is going to be difficult. So just keep it up!! The product meetings were very beneficial. There were few things that I wasn’t aware of. Thus this is a good platform to get know the products even further.

Supraja Rao - Principal

Design House

Dialogues 16 experience is brilliant. I think the whole concept is great of having 10 mins presentations by professionals and then having product meets,. I think the whole planning of no. of presentations , the coffee breakthen just when the presentation starts getting a little overwhelming, you guys give us coffee and keep us awake, followed by one on one product meets which was really nice, because you get to meet at your own pace, ask questions , understand and get to see the product , There were some wonderful presentations to wake us up from a heavy lunch and in time coffee again followed by presentations. I think this whole thing is so perfect and flawless. I don’t think this model has a scope to better it. Product meets were very good, I have made notes, presented to my entire team on my watsapp group, some of them we are going to use next week itself. The venue chosen, a 120 year old palace, to live royalty in a modern day ear, most of us doing a lot of contemporary work to just go back in time, experience the grandeur, and the great 101 dining,. Everything was so overwhelming and it made the whole experience of talking about design even more meaningful in a place like this.

Sonali Bhagwati - Principal

Designplus Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

I am very pleasantly surprised at how engaging it has been, because sometimes a two day meet tends to get a little bit boring or little bit dull at some time. I am quite surprised at how engaging it has been and honestly there hasn’t really been a dull moment so, to that extent I would say very nice!! For me the product meets were nice because I am from Delhi but all the product meets I have had were people who are not from Delhi. So they are not the kind of people I have been meeting except one or two, so they have been all vendors who are from the south or the west with products obviously which we haven’t been using. In a way it has been informative. I am glad! I have got exposed to whole range of people whom I did not know.

Sanjay Patil - Principal

Environ Planners

Dialogues 16 was wonderful and a great experience. Lot of presentations from Architects across India , presenting a variety of works. Products were innovative& new inventions. Product meets were mutually beneficial.

Gayathri Shetty - Principal

Gayathri & Namith Architects

Dialogues 2016 is a great experience. The format was great. There was a time where all of us could actually chill out and keep your normal work out of the way and concentrate on what happening here.I think the interactions between the architects was great, it was fun and informative to see the kind of work that’s happening across the country. The products were also interesting, I think it is a great format to learn about new products,. There are so many new innovative products launching in the market. We need to really look into these and learn from these products. Thank you Dialogues 16.

Nilabh Nagar - Senior Associate

Hafeez Contractor Architects

I think I loved it!! Dialogues 16 has chosen fantastic place, beautiful ambience and a fantastic set of Architects & Presentations. I will not see something like this for years to come. Couple of products were very nice which I haven’t seen before. So the product meetings were beneficial.

Hiren Patel - Principal

Hiren Patel Architects

I am delighted to be a part of the first Dialogues event. The experience was overwhelming. It was very informative and have learnt a lot of from here. Listening to friends, one of the best architects of the country, listening to their ideas, understanding, and staying together. . It was less like a seminar and more like a Family Gathering. It was like sharing each other’s ideas and learning more. I am looking forward to meet everybody again & again through Dialogues. Thank you very much.

Kanhai Gandhi - Partner

KNS Architects

Dialogues 16 was really brilliant idea ! Nice fun, being with the fraternity. Having the opportunity to talk to all my friends around here and at the same time seeing what they have been doing since last 8- 10 years. I think I am the youngest out of here so it is a better experience for me. Products meets were very nice and there are many innovative products. It is very difficult back in Mumbai to actually go and see the products. But here they are right there in front of us.

Sriram Ganapathy - Principal

KSM Architecture

Dialogues 16 has been really nice. Some wonderful presentations. Met so many nice people , made new friends. Very Good Organization. Good Products too. Normally we never get to sit with vendors and products to understand. Here we had the time and leisure to do that. The content of the talks was very good. I never spend so much time with products when I am back in office. I never get so much time.

Sanjay Kataria - Managing Director

La Arch Plan Pvt. Ltd.

The experience at Dialogues 16 is so real and educative. It has been a learning curve for me to see how everybody is working and tried to show their work. Very impressive, great deal of friendship and camaraderie was there, which is very rare to see in any other event. I think the product meetings were beneficial. Though I knew few of the companies, it gave us a chance to meet them informally to understand their problems and some products too. I met people who were new to me too but I think they would benefit greatly from an event like Dialogues, so would we too. Thank you.

Chris Bosse - Partner

Lava Architects - Sydney

It was my first visit to India. It was fantastic to come to Hyderabad at Taj Falaknuma Palace to the First edition of Dialogues. Dialogues 16 has been fantastic. I think 30 different architects from around India introducing me on this great journey of India and wonderful Architecture is brilliant. Contemporary Architecture, Classic Architecture, Conservation Architecture, Large Scale, Airports, Train Stations, Small Scale Houses, Gardens etc. I really hope that this is an opportunity for us to connect to India and reach to all the Indian Architects . I hopefully will come again here soon to see more and become involved into planning and designing for India. We always try to make the next event better than the first one. You have set the bar very high, it is going to be very difficult for you to set even a better event because this is the most amazing location you can imagine. The venue was great, food was great & the team is great. I am very curious where you are going to host the next event.

Arjun Malik - Director

Malik Architecture

Dialogues 16 is wonderful. I am very happy to be a part of it. It is a wonderful space, wonderful people, and beautifully organized. Certainly look forward to be a part of it in the future as well.

Oscar Concessao - Principal

OCI Architects

Dialogues 16 has been one of the best events I have ever attended so far. Beautifully organized, spectacular Architects, spectacular presentations, wonderful food, great location. I would love to be back here again. The product one to one meetings were really good, I learnt a lot. I saw a lot of new innovative products which I can use for a lot of projects. I am very happy to meet all the product vendors, there was a great exchange of ideas. I am sure we can use all these products for our forthcoming products.

Rupande Shah - Principal

Rupande Shah & Associates

This experience in Dialogues 16 was amazing!! As I said in my presentation earlier too, not only did we get to meet so many different architects and designers from rest of the country, but also got to meet a lot of product people. It broke the ice which is very important. Normally when these product guys come, we don’t have the time to meet them and we don’t want to meet them because they just come and spend so much time talking and we become not interested in listening to them for 45 mins on each of their products. But the product companies that we met here were very well chosen because each product company was specialized in what they are doing, quality wise, variety wise and everything. Now I know when these product companies & sales guys come to my office ,I will want to meet them &would say “ Heyya I had seen that product, seen that presentation in Hyderabad” It has kind of bridged the gap between the Architect and the Sales, which as architects we always try to close and say “ No I don’t to want to meet”. In an informal setting like it happened in Dialogues 16, it is easier. When they come in office, we have 50 other things to attend to, it is terrible. I have always noticed that whenever a product company is met with a designer in a more relaxed frame of mind, it always works. We have been here for two full days, not that we have been partying, but we have been in back to back presentations and product meetings, we have not even had that amount of free time, yet we are not mentally stressed. We are not worrying about client phonecalls and etc, thus our concentration is 100 percent in this event which is what helps us to be able to understand the product, give them the time that they require for them to be able explain the product to us. All the team members of Dialogues 16 have done a great job, I am looking forward to future editions but with newer products now.

Seema Puri Mullan - Principal

Seema Puri Architects

We attend a lot of these platforms when we travel overseas like World Architecture Festival where you have so many architects presenting their different profile of work and you learn. This is the first time I have been in India and I have actually come across works of 30 Architects here, so kind of makes you sit up and think because you see different kinds of work people are doing, some large, some small and you really feel I am going to make a difference , I am going to push myself a bit more. So it’s a very good platform, plus we met many product companies , also what happens is when you are isolated and spend 2 days out here, then you obviously are making best of our time because time is of the essence in all these situations. When you are meeting them, you are think that it is indeed a good product, where you have your entire attention and focus on it since you are separated from your work place for two days, that makes a difference, you are willing to give that half an hour to understand each product, your mind is so free from the additional stress you have at your work you actually start thinking what products can be used where. Suddenly everything makes crystal clear sense. It is a fabulous experience and an amazing venue like Taj Falaknuma Palace makes it much more pleasurable to be at Dialogues16.

Salil Ranadive - Principal

SR +A Architects

Dialogues 16 is a very well thought format. Getting 30 different architects together is a wonderful idea, lot of us always get into an island that’s your office, thus this is wonderful initiative which gets everybody together to chill out and mix with each other, and make friends. The important thing is to share ideas and interact, it opens your mind up more than everything else. It’s wonderful, like taking a protein pill gives you more energy. Importantly it gave you lot of time to understand new products at leisure. Usually we do not find time for those who push a new product to be introduced, I think it is a super opportunity. The mix of everything is very well thought of. I hope this grows into something where everyone looks forward to be part of it. I completely enjoyed it and highly ENDORSE it!! It kind of ticks all the boxes. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Abhin Alimchandani - Chairman

Stup Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Dialogues 16 is wonderful, well organized and a very good concept. Got to know a lot of interesting products and interacted with a lot of people too. It was a wonderful time, WELL DONE!!

Liane Luthria - Associate Director

Talathi & Panthaky Associated

Dialogues 16 was wonderful. A great experience.Met a lot of Architects and Designers from various fields. Got an exposure that I really haven’t had for a long time because we are so set in our own little cube that we don’t bother to look at anything around us. This time I could infact spend time to get into details of the products, usually we just see them and they float from one end to the other. So got to know a lot of new and interesting stuff.

Deepak Guggari - Principal

VDGA Architects

Oh Dialogues 16 has been fabulous.. I have never attended this kind of an event in my life. It has been very enlightening. Apart from the fun, it was wonderful to see new people, new architects. All the 30 presentations have been very varied. I have been always very lethargic to know about new products in the market, but the one to one meetings itself was very interesting, very peaceful. We being away from work and schedules which makes it tough in the office, we could meet and see the products, exchange ideas, we also gave feedback for improvement of the products. It was taken very positively by everybody. It was a perfectly and very professionally organized event. Thanks to Dialogues 16 Team.

Dipen Gada - Principal

VDGA Architects

Dialogues 16 was an unexpected experience, infact I am lucky I am here and thanks to the team that they invited me for it. It is an eye opening event, met lot of Architects doing different practices. We understood where we are and what more we have to do further. But there were many more interactions other than presentations which were helpful. We met lot of our friends too. Product meets were very good, otherwise in the office you harldy get time to discuss things, you are really free here and a dedicated time is given. So these 25-30 mins you just don’t get to know the product but also build a rapport with the product companies. I think this is more important. So if we know each other well, it always helps. Though we may know the products already but building rapport at this point is great.

Naresh Narasimhan - Principal

Venkataramanan Associates

Frankly I was quite surprised with the range of people Dialogues has brought here. I think it is an interesting forum to see this wide variety of Architects, not just one style, but to see that the country has so much talent which is not visible so easily. Thus the event was very well organized. The venue is itself outstanding. So great work!!

Zarir Mullan - Principal

Zarir Mullan Architects & Interior Designer

Dialogues 16 was a very wonderful experience. Very well placed out event, with a good mix of architects and vendors. Product meets were very beneficial. Products which we were perhaps a little aware of, now we got much more detailed knowledge about it. It was lovely being here.

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